Company Section


School Years 7 – 10

The Company Section is for boys and girls in school years 7 – 10. They wear a dark blue uniform to distinguish them both from the Anchors and Juniors.

At this age members are involved in complexed activities which stretch there abilities but also there mind and will power. They also have a heavy involvement in the local community.

What do we do?

Company section focuses a lot on maturing young people in to really well rounded young adults. This is focused on by the emphasis on being part of a community as well as continually developing skills they already have.

While in Company Section there are plenty of opportunities to take such as; camping, sleepovers, trips, competitions, sports days, activity days, and so so much more!!!

How can you Join in the Adventure?

The Company Section meets on Wednesdays 7pm – 8:30pm during term time as well as encouraging young peoples attendance at Mass every Sunday at 5pm. Why don’t you bring your young people along?!!!

Contact us for more information.